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Wear and Tear

Last weekend I found the perfect cure for writer’s block.  It’s called walk six miles up a mountain at three o’clock in the morning wearing nothing but running shoes, running shorts, florescent green T-shirt, gloves, hat, flashlight, and a Portland-to-Coast … Continue reading

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Conditioning: It’s Not Just for Hair

Whenever I open my big mouth, or whatever the Internet equivalence of that is, about canine fitness I’m often asked if I could give an example of a conditioning program.  Now, I am not opposed to giving one, actually I like … Continue reading

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Painfully Slow

Well, I just returned home from my latest brain vacation (BV).  For some a BV means taking a break from all things stressful, but for me it means letting my nerdy brain run free amongst the diagnostics, literature reviews, and … Continue reading

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