Four-legged curly top seeks agility instructor for my two-legged companion.  Must be a people person with experience teaching multiple learning styles and be familiar with classic signs of human anxiety, frustration, confusion, impatience, and fatigue.  Must not tolerate avoidance behavior of any type including off-topic social commentary and self-deprecating excuses.  Understanding of the human aging process is a plus and ability to assist my two-legged companion in such is a must.

Must be fluent in non-border collie or at least have experience communing with non-herding breeds.  Must currently be participating in agility; MACH not required.  Must be a clicker-savvy creative problem-solver with extensive cheerleader-like vocabulary and vocal range.  Must be an astute observer of dog-human communication and be willing to support the human learning process with outside resources when needed.

Must provide a safe and encouraging learning environment with adjustable, rubberized, non-slatted equipment that matches the minimum skill level of both dog and human.  Must be willing to adapt curriculum to promote a successful experience, but be willing to provide counseling if minimum skill requirements aren’t met.

In short, looking for an agility instructor who will foster confidence, encourage discipline, and nurture the child-like playfulness of my companion.  Competitive, ego-minded individuals need not apply.

This creative moment was inspired by the topic “What makes a good coach/instructor?” for the third Agility Blog Event for 2012.  You can find other submissions at:




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  • Agility Addict

    love the comment about fluent in non border collie!! :)

  • Doranna Durgin

    A personals ad–I love it!

  • rpelletier

    LOL twice 😉