Well, shoot.  It’s sure been a while since my last post.  How did that happen?  Well, to be quite honest life just got in the way.  Basically, I got stuck.  It felt like I fell in a pit of quicksand.  So, I threw myself a little pity party and I think the last guest has finally left.  All is ok with me and mine, except my four-legged tribe is now one short.  I lost my cat Hank to cancer.  He had a tumor of his small intestines, which caused him to lose weight so very quickly.  He was in such pain.  I told him to give me a sign when he was ready to leave and the very next day while in my lap his purr abruptly stopped.  That was my cue.  He was ready.  His purr never returned.  My buddy needed me to help ease the pain and assist with his journey across.  Sometimes devotion sucks.  Hank left us on Saturday, October 27, 2012.   My only solace is now he is pain-free and has been spared the rainy cold days of the coming months.  He hated to be indoors.

Hank was a stray that walked through my cat door one day when I was living in Lincoln City, Oregon.  I figured that since my other four-legged companions thought that he was cool it was ok with me.  I knew he was a keeper the first time I heard his bigger than life purr.

There are so many unique and hilarious stories to share about Hank.  Like the time that he gave me Cat Scratch Fever which after carrying grapefruit-sized lymph nodes around for 6 weeks I was finally bounced to an Epidemiologist who diagnosed me in 30 seconds.  Thank goodness for that doctor, I was getting pretty tired of being a pincushion for science.

Hank was a big longhaired orange mellow fellow who was a gentleman to the end.  He purred through all his vet examines to the point that the vet had to take him into a “scary” room in order to make his purr stop so she could hear his heart and lungs with the stethoscope.  Hank also spoke human.  In his elderly years (he lived to be about 16) he would say “hello” as clear as day when he occasionally misplaced his tribe in the dark.

Thank you Hank for all the lessons.  I tried to be a good student.  I miss your hugs, your purr, and your welcoming presence.

Well, with that said …… I am back!   Thank you for your patience as I process through this life.

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