Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.

Queen of the mountain.

Queen of the mountain.

I think Tess loves the snow more than I do.  Last year I finally broke down and purchased a “snow suit” for Tess.  Yes, I probably could have picked a different color, but I figured since we were going to be gawked at no matter what color she was fashioned in, purple it had to be.  Tess also wears snow boots.  I call them snow boots because it’s the only time she lets me put them on her.  She’s no dumbie.  Without the boots she accumulates ice the size of golf balls between her pads.

So what if we literally stop traffic and are surrounded by inquisitive tourists, sightseers, and the occasional paparazzi. With her infamous snow suit Tess leads the way on every trail no matter how deep the snow and we never have to stop to de-ice which makes our snow shoe trips a pleasant adventure for all.

Queen of the mountain.


Tess will turn 11 years old on New Year’s Eve making each and every snow filled moment with my purple maven that much more special.

Happy holidays to everyone and may your dogs stay true and continue to guide you to child-like bliss and adventures out side of your comfort zone.

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  • Diane

    Tess looks great in her snow suit! She looks so happy! Let it snow!
    Diane and Zeena